Volume Interpretation Quiz Answers

This week here on Stocktradingtogo was all about volume in relation to the stock market, and to conclude the week yesterday I posted a quiz to test your knowledge of what we learned.

You can view the original questions here, and below are the answers:

  2. Up ; Down
  3. Technical analysis
  4. The listed average (typically 60 trading days, or 3 months)
  5. B. Distribution Day – Since volume was higher than the day before and the stock closed down, the day is considered distribution. The reason it wasn’t heavy though is because volume did not exceed the 60 day average.
  6. D. Heavy Distribution Day – Volume exceeded the 60 day average and was higher than the day before.
  7. E. None of the above – Since volume was not higher than the day before, the day does not qualify as accumulation or distribution.
  8. Distribution Day
  9. Heavy Accumulation Day
  10. The actual word is asclepiadaceous! The first “a” and “e” were switched! (you can view its definition and pronunciation here)

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