Stock Trading To Go Timeline, A Quick Look at The Journey To Today

A reader recently asked me how old the blog was. I decided might as well make a time line. (Note: The blog originally was called Stock Trading 101, not Stock Trading To Go).

  • MARCH 2006, Stock Trading 101 is launched. The first ever blog post was made on Friday, March 17th, 2006 which really was a forward looking statement and a picture of me at the time. “You are looking at what will soon be the hottest spot for free stock market education.” Well, still not there yet, but there nothing wrong with envisioning big things.
  • JULY 2006, Blog Breaks 100 RSS Subscribers. Somewhere around this time is when the blog broke the 100 level. I was really excited at the time, and had no clue where to go next. It was one of those, “cool, what now though?” moments.
  • SEPTEMBER 2006, Teresa Joins Blog Team. This was important at the time because I really was looking for a way to go to “the next level”. Posting was getting a little better and more consistent, but subscriber numbers weren’t growing anymore, a change was needed. Teresa came on board to write market recaps once a day.
  • NOVEMBER 2006, New Design and Highlightable Posts. Apparently the blog took on a new design, though I am unsure what that was exactly. I used to run a 3 column setup and was always looking for new better designs. Also this month I found a weekly highlight post recapping the week. As you can see it was all about the picks; I was working for a investment firm at the time.
  • FEBRUARY 2007, The Blog Explodes. This was a dramatic experience for me as wordpress basically crashed and I lost my whole database. Lucky me I had updated my database a week earlier, now I update daily automatically. Ill never forget refreshing the blog and each time more and more information just dying, what a show. (Side note: I had maybe 150 RSS subscribers at this point, still was itching for something big to happen).
  • MARCH 2007, John Chow to the Rescue. This was a major event for me at the time as I ordered a review over at which got titled Stock Trading for Dummies. Some Michael guy wrote the review, and didn’t even spell my organization’s name right (it’s falkin, not falken). The review could have been more positive, but it was perfect because it opened my eyes. Up until then I was all about posting only stock charts, and had very little focus on stock education. Also given was some great advice for the blog design and monetization. The review overall took my RSS subscribership past 200 by the end of March.
  • APRIL 2007, A Critical Content Change. After realizing that I needed to make a big change, I eventually worked the guts to do it. I had to end my blogging relationship with Teresa and go back solo, not to mention a full reversal on content. Instead of stock charts I was going to start writing posts focused on stock education. This was, after all, the whole original purpose of the blog.
  • MAY 2007, Turning 21 with 21 Great Pickup Lines. Turning 21 was a a fun experience, I had never drank up until that point and will never forget proposing a toast with my first ever beer to about 20 of my good friends. Blogging wise I wrote a post highlighting 21 great pickup lines.
  • JULY 2007, Taking on the “To Go” Name.  It was bugging me to death knowing that people were going to and not getting to my blog. I acquired and figured I hit gold. Plans were also in development for launching other “To Go” blogs; was launched the same month.
  • AUGUST 20 2007, Changing Hosting and Switching Domains. I really started to dislike IXWebhosting with a passion, and moving the blog to its own domain had been on my mind for several months. To do both on the same day successfully was a dream come true.

And that is how the blog got to where it is today.

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