Blog Traffic and Earnings Report, August 2007

The month of August was the best thus far here in 2007 for Stock Trading To Go.

August brought in just under 8,000 unique visitors and over 20,000 page impressions as reported by google analytics, and made just under $500. Detailed traffic and earnings stats are below.

Half way through the month I changed the blog’s domain and switched servers, which within the next few months should help both search engine traffic and daily readers. Throughout google and yahoo you can find my pages being slowly updated based on their location. I am still waiting on new content posted since Aug 20th to become indexed. Hopefully here in early September the search engines will have me all caught up.

August Traffic Stats:

Stock Trading To Go August Traffic

August Earnings:

The blog made $494.34 in August, with Adsense pulling the highest chunk of the total, 65.08%. eCPM was $21.95 which is a measurement of how much money you earn for every 1,000 page impressions.

I have removed the Adsense adlinks in replacement for a 468 x 60 ad block which was sold for $100 to Day Trader Advisors for the month of September. This block moving forward will probably be the premium space on the blog, even more so with the new blog design I have being made.

My Goals for September:

  1. Have all my recently moved pages get updated in the search engines.
  2. Have all my newly posted content start being indexed daily.
  3. There were 46 posts total in August, and I want to break 50 total in September.
  4. Get a new blog design.
  5. Break $25 eCPM in September.
  6. Have Adsense account for less than 50% of total September earnings.

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