Stock Trading To Go To Add Daily Stock Chart Analysis

In a live strategic interview this morning Chief Blog Operator (CBO) Blain Reinkensmeyer announced Stock Trading To Go (STTG) will officially add daily stock chart analysis to the site. This comes at a time when the site is hitting record traffic and earnings numbers.

For those who love the daily content though do not fret, all charts will be posted on a completely separate area of the site under a new feed. This will allow current readers to continue to enjoy regular STTG content while giving those who want a little extra something to look forward to each day.


The strategy behind this move is pretty clear as Blain is expanding STTG’s reach to encorporate more of the active trader. Blain commented, “Right now the blog is doing a good job of reaching its target who is the independent investor. By adding daily stock charts at a separate location of the site we will maintain our current content flow while reaching out more to those with a deeper understanding of the markets.”

The new area will exclusively cover technical analysis of stocks either at or hitting new price highs. Posts per day in this new area will start off at around two to four. Blain will be leading the initial efforts as usual and will add on new writers as it grows.

Analysts see this as a good move long term and as long as Blain can execute expect the new area to perform well. Expect the new area to be launched by the end of the week.

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