Carnival of Personal Finance #128 – Investment Truth Edition

Welcome to the 128th Carnival of Personal Finance, Investment Truth Edition. Since this blog discusses investing tips, tricks, picks, and education from market professionals you will be exposed to some of the stunning truth about investing and investors. Enjoy.

Editor’s Choice

1st Truth: Bill Gates makes over $30 million each night while he sleeps.

** nickel from FiveCentNickel presents Beware the Siren Song of Gift Cards. This is great read, did you know that there will be an estimated $100 Billion spent on gift cards in 2008? I have a $25 Old Navy gift card from last year that has yet to be spent; it still just sits on my desk collecting dust.

** The Investor from presents How Talking About Money is Like French Kissing, and says, “Fun, free and enriching – just as you used to kissing, you need to realise that talking about money is nothing to be ashamed of.” Just read this, it will speak for itself. My favorite line is, “If you can talk about money without judging the other person or getting emotional, successful people will be more than happy to chat.” which is so true.

** Silicon Valley Blogger from The Digerati Life presents 10 Tips For Being A Smart and Safe Consumer. This is a great post especially with the holiday season well in effect. Be smart and follow these simple tips.

**Pinyo B. from Moolanomy presents 22 Money Maximizing Moves You Can Do Today. A great list which is pretty straight forward and simple but you never know when you are overlooking one of these pointers.

**Edith from presents 99 Life Lessons Learned from Quitting Corporate America. Have you quit corporate America yet? One of my favorites from the list is so true and simple, “8. Everything in life is a choice.” Crazy as it may sound, you actually have a choice on what you want to do.


2nd Truth: The most expensive stock in the world is Berkshire Hathaway (BRKA). The stock as of today trades for $134,215 per share.

retirehappy from My Retirement Blog presents Earned Income and Roth IRA Contributions.

KCLau from KCLau’s Money Tips presents How to Minimize the Upfront Service Charge in Unit Trust Investment, and says, “Investment always requires transaction cost. The typical cost in unit trust investment is the upfront service charges (paid to the agent), management fees (paid to the fund managers), and trustee fees (paid to the trust corporation). These costs are inevitable. But when there is a problem, there is always a few strategies to minimize the damage.”

Keith from Coddleshell presents Making money without the risk of losing, and says, “An article detailing the benefits of structured notes and how they work.”

Adam from The Investor’s Journal presents Lessons From the Dot-com Bubble, and says, “If you take the Dot-com bubble for only its face value, all you see is what happens when a stock market gets overvalued and crashes, but if you look deeper you can find plenty of timeless lessons that every investor should learn.”

Everything Finance presents Why Passive Investing beats Active Investing.

Where Does All My Money Go presents Albert Einstein Knew a Thing or Two About Investing… 

The Dividend Guy presents Tracking Dividend Hikes Is Not Easy But it Can Be Done.

Dorian Wales from Personal Financier presents Key psychological factors in stock market success and says, “Much has been written on the part of psychology in stock market success. This lesson is probably the easiest to learn and hardest to implement. Psychology is everywhere in the stock market and effects all from the novice to the most professional (aside for computers).”

Dividends4Life from Dividends4Life presents Yield on Cost: Measuring for Success

The Div Guy from The Div Guy presents How much will you need to retire comfortably?, and says, “This post looks at how to calculate your retirement needs and my retirement strategy.”

Kurt from Fundmastery Blog presents Good News on the Declining Dollar, Savings & More, and says, “The dollar’s down and that’s OK. Here’s why…”


3rd Truth: On an average day, over $6.6 Billion is circulated through Apple (AAPL) stock.

Jason from All About The Ben presents Co-signing Blues.

Ryan from The Better Credit Score Blog presents How to Pay Off Bills and Debt, and says, “In this article I present a method that allowed me to cut back on my spending by $200 per month and how I used the money to get out of debt.”

Phil from Queercents presents What is financial success?, and says, “Financial success has intended and unintended consequences!”

Madison from My Dollar Plan presents Our 529 plans: Accounts and Rationale, and says, “We currently have six accounts in five different states. Here’s a summary of which states we have an account at and why.”

Clever Dude from Clever Dude Personal Finance presents Don’t Be Afraid of the Big Bad Debt.

NCN from No Credit Needed presents Day 30 of 33 Days And 33 Ways To Save Money And Reduce Debt: Know Your Weaknesses (Spending Triggers).

Saving and Budgeting

4th Truth: The world record for the largest single portfolio return in one year is 29,233% which was done by Dan Zanger.

SMD from Smart Money Daily presents Simple Tips and Tricks that Can Save 25% at the Pump, and says, “Now that gas is over $3 a gallon again, here are some simple but very effective tips that can realistically save you 15%, 20%, or even 25% in gas costs. ”

Kalyn from presents Saving for Retirement When You’re Short on Cash.

Tim from Canadian Dream: Free at 45 presents Doing the “Impossible”, and says, “A post on reaching from your target or dreams by saving regardless of what others tell you can do.”

David from My Two Dollars presents Money Mistake Monday – I Waited Too Long To Get VOIP Syndrome..

Dan from Money Myths presents Myth: Big Sales = Big Savings, and says, “An article on how, for some, avoiding sales is a
better way to save money.”

Mr. B from Interesting Money presents Opening a Roth IRA on a Budget, and says, “Here are a few ways to start a Roth IRA with less than $500. ”

paidtwice from I’ve Paid For This Twice Already… presents In Defense of Budgets, and says, “A budget can be your friend!”

Eden from Our Family Village presents A Healthy Diet Doesn’t Have To Be Expensive.

Frank from Finance and Fat presents Why You Should Make a Budget.

Money Management

5th Truth: The Blue-Ray versus HD DVD battle is worth over ten billion dollars to the winner.

jim from Blueprint for Financial Prosperity presents Ignore Personal Finance Experts.

Broke Grad Student from Broke Grad Student presents My Best and Worst Financial Decisions So Far.

Janet from Financially Educated Women’s Workshops presents 5 Ways to Trim Holiday Spending, and says, “There are ways to be smarter about spending and still have a great holiday. This article focuses on 5 key tips for gift giving.”

Lynnae from Being presents Reader Question: Cash or Debit Card?.

David from Slow Down Fast Today! presents Small Business Trends Column: Entrepreneurs, Does Retirement Fit Into Your Plans?.

TFB from The Finance Buff presents What To Do If Your Health Insurance Says Your Treatment Is Not Covered.

J at IHB and HFF from Home Finance Freedom presents Savers Are from Mars. Debtors Are from Venus. Episode 5.

bluntmoney from Blunt Money presents The Fear of Looking Poor.

David from Personal Finance Blog with Money Ning presents Why Do People Give Out Free Loans to Companies by Buying their Gift Cards, and says, “We have got to stop buying gift cards to ourselves!!”

mbhunter from Mighty Bargain Hunter presents Three questions about FSAs from a reader, and says, “I try to answer a few questions about flexible spending accounts posted by a reader.”

Less Than a Shoestring presents Traveling on a Weak Dollar, and says, “In this post, I share three simple ways to mitigate the weakening of the dollar.”

Raymond from Money Blue Book presents Make Money By Letting Scientists Experiment On You.

junger from Online Savings Blog presents 5 Ways My Finances Are on Autopilot.

Brip Blap presents Saving Money on Books, and says, “Revisiting books you already own can be one of the best ways to save on the increasing price of books.”


6th Truth: Besides futures trading, options trading is the most riskiest conducted worldwide.

Free From Broke presents Can’t Pay On Time? Change Your Due Date!, and says, “Sometimes you want to pay on time but can’t quite get there.”

T. Pettinger from Mortgage Blog presents Mistakes of Using Credit Cards, and says, “Some potentially very expensive mistakes to avoid when using credit cards”

The Financial Blogger from The Financial Blogger presents Would a Bank Sleep With You : Understanding Credit as a Relationship, and says, “Throughout my years working as a banker, I found out an interesting analogy between
your credit behaviors and how ones can manage his/her relationship.”

Erek from Verve Coaching presents Five Easy Ways to Boost Your Credit Score, and says, “Here are my top five, super-easy, uncomplicated and proven tips for improving your credit score.”

Mr Credit Card from Ask Mr Credit Card presents Celebrity Credit Cards Endorsements – Are you influenced?.

FrugalBabe presents Heading Off The Identity Thieves, and says, “Fraudulent charges on a credit card are
always a good reminder to practice safe credit habits.”

Finance and Taxes

7th Truth: Exxon Mobil (XOM) has the largest market capitalization in the world, with as of today holding a value of $480.31 Billion.

pfodyssey from My Personal Finance Odyssey presents Make Your Finances Six Sigma!, and says, “Improve your personal finance process”

Kay from Don’t Mess With Taxes presents States have money for you, too, and says, “Billions of dollars in unclaimed assets are just sitting in state holding rooms. Here’s how to find if some of that money is yours — just in time for the holidays!”

Henry Stern, LUTCF, CBC from InsureBlog presents Moron or Fraud: Update and Conclusion, and says, “SUMMARY: Honesty’s the best policy, right? InsureBlog’s Henry Stern says maybe not, with the true story of how one insurance company actually encourages fraud.”

Super Saver from My Wealth Builder presents Our Journey To Financial Freedom #8 – My Personal Finance Mind Tricks.

Art Dinkin from Moment on Money presents The Rollover Trap.

HeMan from Homo economicus presents Protecting Yourself From Identity Theft, and says, “10 steps to keeping your identity and credit intact.”

Curtis from Real World Finances presents Flat Tax Follow Up, and says, “Follow Up article on why a Flat Tax is a bad thing. Plus, a great idea for how to fix the current tax system!”

Cash Money Life presents Challenge Your Property Taxes and Win!, and says, “This is an article about how to appeal property taxes and hopefully save a few hundred dollars on taxes.”


8th Truth: Steve Jobs of Apple is paid $1 per year to work as CEO, but last year realized over $646 million from vested restricted stock.

FMF from Free Money Finance presents MBAs Still Make Sense Today (If Done for the Right Reasons and in the Right Way), and says, “An MBA is still worth the time and cost — if done the right way.”

Mrs. Micah from Finance and Life presents Steps to Find Freelance Jobs in Your Free Time, and says, “This is either about career or bringing in alternative income, depending on why you freelance. :)”

Dan at Everyday Finance from Everyday Finance presents Drucker: Ideas of Management Genius Still Relevant Today, and says, “Not sure where this one fit. Drucker’s just one of those topics all Finance buffs should be familiar with.”

Mrs. Micah from Mrs. Micah: Finance and Life presents Find Freelance Jobs in Your Free Time, and says, “It’s geared towards alternative income or career. I’m not positive where it’d be best.”


9th Truth: The best investment strategy is also the simplest, follow the overall trend. It is known that three out of four stocks follow the overall trend on any given day.

Mr. Cheap from Quest For Four Pillars presents Real Estate Video Game, and says, “Mr. Cheap ponders a possible real estate video game which would simulate real life real estate investing.”

Livingalmostlarge presents Managed Car Insurance… and says, “Will managed car insurance change in MA? Is it good or bad?”

Wanda Grindstaff from Creating Abundant Lifestyles presents Success Through Service, the Most Important Component!.

Kalyn from presents How To Write a Great Resume.

Madame X from My Open Wallet presents A Pricing Analysis of Amazon’s Kindle E-Book Reader, and says, “Early reviews of Amazon’s new e-book reader, the Kindle, often complain that its price is too high, but can it end up paying for itself?”

Penny Nickel from Money and Values presents Socially Conscious Gas Guide, Part 3: Human Rights, and says, “This guide is designed to help people making ethical personal finance decisions in accordance with their values.

rocketc from rocket finance presents Does your pastor check your giving record?, and says, “This article falls under
Stewardship. Should pastors be privy to the giving records of those in leadership?”

Matthew Paulson from American Consumer News presents Cash In: How to Lower the Cost of Homeowner’s Insurance 6 Different Ways.

Mariam from Money Relations presents Resources to protect you from scams, and says, “Protect yourself this holiday season by recognizing scams.”

Elizabeth from Suburban Wife’s Daily Dollar Diary presents The Cardinal Rule for Shopping with Kids, and says, “Thanks for your consideration.”

Dong from AskDong presents Renting a Hotel Room is like Buying a House.

The Happy Rock from The Happy Rock presents No Thanks In Thanksgiving But I Am Grateful, and says, “Personal article on becoming grateful.”

plonkee from plonkee money presents I don’t give to charity because… debunked, and says, “Some of the reasons people
give for not donating to charity are rubbish, and here’s why.”

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