Fidelity Online Stock Broker Speed Review

Fidelity has an award-winning trading site ranked #1 Premium Discount Broker by SmartMoney and is designed around offering personal assistance and 24/7 support to help investors succeed. The service offers numerous trading tools, fast execution guaranteed, and connects clients with investment centers across the United States.

Some of the reasons for investors to choose stock broker Fidelity over competitors Zecco, TradeKing, ShareBuilder, Scottrade, OptionsXpress, TD Ameritrade, and Etrade are:

1. Online Stock Trades can be as low as $8 (range is $8.00 – $19.95)*

2. 1-second trade execution guarantee

3. 24/7 access to investment/trading representatives

4. Dedicated trading specialists for active traders

5. Over 100 investor centers throughout the US

6. Portfolio back-testing for investment pros

7. Real-time portfolio analysis

8. Wireless access to portfolio tools with Fidelity Anywhere

9. Interlink all your Fidelity accounts including checking

10. Exercise corporate stock options with Fidelity Stock Plan Services

11. Gain free access to Active Trader Pro by making 36 trades per year

The services Fidelity offers its clients are pretty impressive. To unlock all the tools though you have to be active and trade with a large account. If you can meet the minimum requirements it will make a world of difference when trading with Fidelity as an online stock broker.

*$8 trades if you make 120+ trades per year or have $1 million in household assets, $10.95 trades if you make 36 trades per year or $50k household assets, and $19.95 standard rate for all customers regardless.

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