Stock Education Quiz, 10 Questions that Test the Basics

How well is your basic understanding of the stock market? is all about investment education and this quiz will offer a unique way for new investors to test themselves on simple stock related questions.

The questions are very quick so please give them a shot by writing down your responses on a piece of paper. Tomorrow I will post up the answers for all to view. (Note: Answers now available)

1. What is the ticker symbol of Apple?

2. What company does Warren Buffett own?

3. True or False, 75% of stocks follow the overall market trend.

4. What is the nickname / proper name used to describe currency trading?

5. Who is the CEO of Microsoft?

6. What is the name of the current Federal Reserve Chairman?

7. If each share is $100, how many shares could I buy with $1,000,000 dollars?

8. True or False, Options Trading is the most volatile form of investing.

9. Name one form of a retirement account.

10. Fill in the blanks with either “Down” or “Up”.  A bull believes that the market is going to go _____ while a bear believes the market is going to go _____.

View the answers.

(This post was contributed to Darren’s Killer Titles group writing project).

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