Guess the NASDAQ Close, Win $1000 Cash

Can you guess the exact close of the NASDAQ Composite index a month in advance? We are calling all investors new and seasoned to see who can most closely guess the NASDAQ close on Thursday, April 30th, 2009.

UPDATE: Contest entries are no longer being accepted. We ended up with 96 total participants.

04/15/09: 1st Leader Board Update posted!

How to Enter

Simply leave via a comment the price (example, 1538.64) you think the NASDAQ Composite index will close at on Thursday, April 30th 2009.

Entries must be in by this Sunday, April 5th at 9:00 PM EST, no exceptions. Important: Only one guess can be made at one blog; participants cannot make one guess at multiple blogs. If discovered participant will be automatically disqualified.

Bloggers, Get Your Community Involved

To participate simply announce the contest on your own financial blog, link to this post on, then email us to make sure we have your site included on our list. All guesses from your own site will then be included in the contest.

Each week we will update our official leader board which will include the top users, their guesses, and most importantly what site they are from. This gives bragging rights to the site that can yield the best guessers.

Weekly Leader Board and Updates

After 9:00 PM EST Sunday we will be recording all entries across all blogs into an excel sheet. This means once the guesses are recorded originally they are then official and cannot be changed.

Each week moving forward StockTradingToGo will post an official updated leader board of the top 20 guesses along with the financial blog they came from. We ask that participating blogs keep their communities updated each week by linking to the official leader board.

To stay updated with the contest feel free to subscribe to our RSS feed.

$1000 Cash Prize

The $1000 cash grand prize will only be rewarded if any participant can guess the NASDAQ close to the exact penny (two decimals, ie 1538.64) on the contest end closing date. Official closing price is taken from Yahoo Finance. Past runs of this contest have seen guesses within pennies of the actual close. $1000 grand prize will be paid via Cashiers check or by paypal (if winner is based outside the US).

Submit Your Guess Via Comment

With that said feel free to submit your guess via a comment with this post of where you think the NASDAQ composite index will close at on Thursday, the 30th of April 2009. If you would like to wait and post your guess on a different blog then email your favorite financial blog and ask them to participate. Good luck!

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