Top 10 Hottest ETFs, June 2009

Looking to add some Exchange Traded Funds – ETFs – to your investment portfolio?

If so you need to read the list below. This list consists of 10 best ETFs that are all high fliers over the past month and have still performed well even with the market’s sideways action. Note: ETFs must trade atleast 50,000 shares per day to be included. Data provided by WSJ.

Top 10 ETFs For June 2009

  1. Direxion: Tech Bull 3X, Symbol TYH, up 18.14%
  2. ProShares: Ult Tech, Symbol ROM, up 12.28%
  3. ProShares: Ult Rus2K G, Symbol UKK, up 10.90%
  4. Direxion: 30Y Trs Bull 3X, Symbol TMF, up 10.16%
  5. Direxion: Sm Cap Bull 3X, Symbol TNA, up 9.73%
  6. SPDR S&P Biotech, Symbol XBI, up 9.39%
  7. iShares: Nasdaq Biotech, Symbol IBB, up 9.16%
  8. iPath ETN S&P GSCI CTR A, Symbol OIL, up 8.86%
  9. iShares: Dow US Med Dev, Symbol IHI, up 8.76%
  10. ProShares: Ult QQQ, Symbol QLD, up 8.63%

Pretty noticeable to see that the majority of ETFs are ultra etfs (2x) or triple leveraged etfs (3x). These ETFs are the most volatile of their kind and are inherently extremely risky. We suggest only trading these types of ETFs if you are an active day trader or a risk taking “son-of-a-gun”!

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