New Free 50 Page eBook, the Ultimate Technical Analysis Handbook

The team over at Elliott Wave International just today released a brand new 50-page eBook, the Ultimate Technical Analysis Handbook.

Overview of the Ultimate Technical Analysis Handbook

3207-SG-Ultimate-Analysis The eBook goes into the basics of the Elliott Wave Theory and discusses how different technical indicators can help investors make money. The MACD, Moving Averages (50, 100, 200), and Fibonacci Retracements are all covered. Furthermore, the eBook teaches how to draw and use trendlines (Chapter 6 ) which is a must for any investor performing technical analysis. Overall there are probably close to 100 charts, diagrams, and examples to break everything down.

Personally my favorite part is towards the end when Head & Shoulders are covered (Chapter 8 ) and even better yet ways to use stop losses with four kinds of protective stops (Chapter 9 ): parabolic stops, volatility stops, three period high-low channel stops, and  five-period simple moving average stops.

The eBook is only free for a limited time so make sure to download a copy and take advantage of the investor education offered. Go here to download.

The Elliott Wave Theory

If you like the eBook the next step is to check out Bob Prechter’s monthly newsletter the Elliott Wave Theorist. Information is provided once you download the eBook. I am currently a subscriber of the EWT and read it each month religiously.

Also check out his latest book, The Mania Chronicles, which is actually a ridiculously long 700 pages.

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