Top 20 ETF Returns of 2010

Looking to add some hot Exchange Traded Funds – ETFs – to your investment portfolio? The 2010 year has been very good for numerous investors who picked some of the following top returning ETFs.

This year the best ETF picks centered on the huge demand for Silver. Silver prices have absolutely soared over the 2010 year with the majority of the move coming since mid August. Gold also tops the list as it too has seen record prices towards the end of the year.

Read the list below which consists of the 20 best ETFs based on overall return year to date for 2010. Note: ETFs must trade atleast 50,000 shares per day to be included.

Top Exchange Traded Funds 2010

(Name; Ticker; Previous Month’s Return)

  1. ProShares: Ultra Silver, Symbol AGQ, up 174.91%
  2. B2B Internet HOLDRS Trust, Symbol BHH, up 91.67%
  3. ETFS Physical Silver Shares, Symbol SIVR, up 80.16%
  4. IShares: Silver Trust, Symbol SLV, up 79.83%
  5. Powershares DB Silver, Symbol DBS, up 79.47%
  6. Direxion: Small Cap Bull 3X, Symbol TNA, up 72.39%
  7. Direxion: Midcap Bull 3X, Symbol MWJ, up 71.12%
  8. Direxion: RE Bull 3X, Symbol DRN, up 65.08%
  9. Market Vectors: Jr Gold Miners, Symbol GDXJ, up 63.96%
  10. iShares: Msci All Peru Cp, Symbol EPU, up 59.33%
  11. ProShares: Ultra Basic Materials, Symbol UYM, up 57.19%
  12. ProShares: Ultra Gold, Symbol UGL, up 57.03%
  13. iShares: Msci Thailand, Symbol THD, up 56.19%
  14. ProShares: Ultra Midcap 400, Symbol MW, up 53.36%
  15. ProShares: Ultra Russell 2000, Symbol URTY, up 52.63%
  16. Global X InterBolsa Colombia 20, Symbol GXG, up 49.25%
  17. ProShares: Ultra Real Estate 2000, Symbol URE, up 48.82%
  18. Direxion: Energy Bull 3X, Symbol ERX, up 48.19%
  19. Internet Infrastructure HOLDRS, Symbol IIH, up 47.15%
  20. PowerShares Dynamic Networking, Symbol PXQ, up 46.54%

Pretty noticeable to see that the majority of ETFs are ultra and triple leveraged. Due to recent regulation the margin required to buy these types of funds has been increased but they still remain extremely popular.

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