Radio Interview on WIOX 91.3 New York

Last week I had the pleasure of joining Chris Gaddis on his show, Money Train, which is a Wednesday morning radio show on WIOX 91.3 in New York. The show runs for an hour every week from 9:00 – 10:00 AM EST and last week I was Chris’s guest on the show.

The interview is a full 26 minutes and covers how StockTradingToGo came to be, how I got started investing, how I lost $72,000, tips for getting started, and then some general market discussion and education.

Click here to listen to the interview or click the button below

Thanks again to Chris for having me on his show and hopefully everyone enjoys the interview!

PS – When I am telling my story of how I got my ass handed to me and lost $72k, the stock that wiped me out was Genelabs (GNLB), not Nutrition 21 (NXXI.OB). NXXI is a whole different story! GNLB actually went bankrupt and is no longer traded.

Note: If you cannot get the interview to work through your internet browser, right click this link and then hit  “save as” to download the interview. You can then play it off your computer.

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