New “Monster Breakouts” Education Series

UPDATE: Archives page setup.

To help organize my latest research and educational posts, I am creating a new education series: Monster Breakouts, breaking down the best bases and breakouts post the 2008 market crash.

The series will include great posts like this, this, and this and be centered around the following criteria:

  • Base must be atleast two months in duration.
  • CANSLIM criteria and popular base formations in focus (“cup & handle”, “W”, “base on base”, etc.)
  • The stock must have returned atleast 20% since its breakout.
  • The cleaner the breakout, the better.
  • Must be post 2008 market crash.

The goal is to focus in one what has been working since the crash, not before. While all patterns are still relevant today as they were prior to 2008, the overall price volatility of the market has changed drastically. 1-2% moves are just as common as a “huge” .5% move was for the overall market pre 2008.

Today’s market is arguably a tougher market for CANSLIM investors than any time in history. For those investors looking to buy high quality stocks when they are breaking out of key bases, this series is for you.

Next week I will post up the page link that will archive all the posts that are part of the series and reveal a 7 month base breakout that has lead to big gains for a particular biotech stock. See you then 😎 .

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