Daily Market Recaps Coming to StockTradingToGo

Many of you follow and enjoy reading my daily market recaps at sister blog TraderMike. However many of you readers realize that following two separate blogs and communities is an inconvenience. Trust me, running two blogs alongside StockBrokers.com full-time is not easy for me either.

So, I am going change all that.

Starting next Monday, November 7th I will start posting all market recaps here at StockTradingToGo instead of TraderMike.

TraderMike has over 10,000 RSS Subscribers and 156 fans on facebook while StockTradingToGo boasts about 11,000 RSS Subscribers and 85 facebook fans. It doesn’t take a math degree to see that one combined blog feed is going to be big.

And for those readers who enjoy the educational / more in depth articles posted here at STTG already, please do not worry. These posts are here to stay!

The new posting schedule will be Monday – Thursday (4 posts per week) with three being market recaps and one being an in depth article. This will be the best of both worlds, not to mention a much more fluid experience for everyone including myself. To say I am excited is an understatement.

So to help clarify any possible questions up before next week, I encourage you to read the full announcement post on TraderMike. I’ve also included some Q&A below:

Q: Please refresh my memory, what is a TraderMike market recap again?

A: For years Mike, aka “Trader Mike”, posted daily market recaps. His blog became so popular that it would receive over 200,000 pageviews in peak months! As time went on however, Mike became much more busy and posting eventually stopped. So in January 2011, Mike sold the site and I took over the reigns.

Every weekday less Fridays I post a quick summary of what took place in the market which includes current analysis of both the NASDAQ Composite and S&P 500 market indices. I also often include individual stock charts, sentiment readings, and links to quality investment articles I find interesting that day. Screenshot below.

Q: Do I need to do anything to prepare for this new content?

A: No, everything will be done automatically. For feed subscribers and email subscribers you will not need to make any adjustments, all the new great commentary will start coming straight to you.

Q: I am already subscribed to both TraderMike updates as well as StockTradingToGo updates. Should I unsubscribe from one of the feeds?

A: Yes, you can unsubscribe from TraderMike updates starting next week if you so desire. Without getting too technical, the TraderMike feed is being merged with StockTradingToGo’s. This means that current TraderMike subscribers will automatically start receiving all new posts from the StockTradingToGo. Thus, two subscriptions will mean two copies of the posts.

Q: Is TraderMike going to be shut down? What about all the old content?

A: TraderMike.net will remain open alongside its thousands of archived posts. Mike’s highlight posts like this one on day trading are still very much in tact. Starting next week the homepage will feature a new welcome message directing visitors to STTG for the latest market recaps and other important site links.

Hopefully the above addresses any questions or concerns you may have with the upcoming addition of market recaps here at STTG. If not though, please do not hesitate to leave a comment below or email me.

Thank you for all your continued support, ultra kind emails, and for reading the blogs!

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