Top 20 Best Performing Stocks of 2011

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While 2011 was a roller coaster as far as the overall market is concerned, there were a handful of bright spots. After doing a stock screen at FINVIZ for the top performing stocks year to date (YTD) with volume of atleast 100,000 shares per day, there were a total of 31 stocks that broke the 100% return mark.

Here is the list of all 20 names. Did your portfolio benefit from holding any of these stocks? If so please let me know via comment, I would love to hear from you!

  1. VRUS, YTD Return +467.49%
  2. SIMO, YTD Return +380.24
  3. INHX, YTD Return +309.62
  4. COOL, YTD Return +233.77%
  5. GLNG, YTD Return +201.45%
  6. MDVN, YTD Return +199.87%
  7. QCOR, YTD Return +182.62%
  8. PZZI, YTD Return +178.97%
  9. LQDT, YTD Return +160.57
  10. PKT, YTD Return +156.94%
  11. MDW, YTD Return +145.24%
  12. PCYC, YTD Return +144.57%
  13. ARIA, YTD Return +140.20%
  14. SCSS, YTD Return +132.20%
  15. CRIS, YTD Return +130.30%
  16. ONTY, YTD Return +129.14%
  17. ELN, YTD Return + 128.97%
  18. HSTM, YTD Return +127.99%
  19. CONN, YTD Return +126.50%
  20. SNSS, YTD Return +125.00%

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