March 15th, 2012 Market Recap, An Apple Theory, and a Wild Goldman Prediction

The STTG Facebook Fan Page has broken 200 Likes, onward and upwards!

Despite Apple testing $600 then reversing to close down on the day – yes, I refreshed numerous times, the stock actually finished in the red – the market moved higher today after Goldman came out and said QE3 would arrive as soon as next month. Even a sniff of stimulus and the market goes nuts, its like catnip for investors.

Multiple quality reads today:

  • The man who broke Atlantic City for $15 Million playing Blackjack (The Atlantic)
  • Renting is About to Become Very Expensive (ZeroHedge)
  • Wall Street’s Latest Campus Recruiting Crisis (DealBook)
  • When a Congressman Becomes a Lobbyist, He Gets a 1,452% Raise (on Average) (Repulbic Report)
  • US Emergency Oil Supply Release Doomed for Failure (ZeroHedge)

Perhaps $600 is the magic number, but once Apple finds a top and actually kicks off a legitimate pull back, I theorize that the market will retract with it. After all, Apple is now almost larger than the whole retail sector combined.

As usual there will be no recap tomorrow. Thus, I bid you a profitable Friday and a fantastic weekend. See you back here on Monday!

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