STTG is Hiring and a VERY Important Reader Survey!

Originally when I started this blog in 2007, it was my only venture into the web. Today however I work alongside an unbelievably talented group of individuals and our company, Reink Media Group, not only manages STTG but also operates,, and most recently

Instead of monitoring the market throughout the day like old times, I am in and out of meetings, on the phone talking to clients, and building out new products. Because of this, I have decided it is time to hire several top notch traders to help contribute daily market recaps throughout the week.

In my quest to find the perfect fit, I have been speaking with institutional money managers, CMTs (Chartered Market Technicians), and other professional traders. Fortunately, the top two prospects I have chosen have both agreed to come on board for a trial run.

One of the writers is an institutional investor, and the other is a CMT. They will be slowly taking over posting duties over the next two months, and most importantly will be following the same to-the-point, easy to digest format that you are used to.

To ensure a successful transition, I have created a very quick but also extremely important survey that I am asking you to please fill out.

Your responses will form the baseline opinion of what you think about the site today, so I can focus on building the best possible team of writers to grow and improve the site tomorrow.

While the market may be a highly unpredictable place, I know that with passionate and skilled traders that StockTradingToGo can grow far beyond what is possible with just me covering the market.

So please, take the survey, and I will see you next week for more great market recaps.

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