Survey Results (Q4 2012)

After opening up our Q4 survey last week, I am happy to share the final results.

Including email subscribers, StockTradingToGo boasts just over 20,000 subscribers for our free Nightly Market Recaps. Being that our goal is to provide the highest quality service possible, we do four surveys per year (one each quarter) to gauge feedback and rate the service.

Typically I share some information but not the actual results. This time around, I upgraded our account so I could create eye candy charts of the results. Let’s dive right in shall we?

Question #1

The good news is that everyone is happy overall, with the majority of ratings being in the Net Promoter 8-10 range. The cautionary news is that compared to last quarter, there are less 10s across the board. So, while we are doing a good job, there is room for us to step up our game.

I believe the answers to Question #2 will help us get back to where we want to be.

Question #2

The choices for this question come from feedback we receive throughout the year whether it be by email, facebook, or these surveys. The winner here, CANSLIM chart setups, doesn’t surprise me. There are a lot of CANSLIM investors who read this blog, and clearly we can do a better job catering to them.

Following this it is basically a three way split between more long term chart mentions, more commodities charts being included, and adding further educational content. Educational content is on me, and considering the backbone of the site is the Stock Education articles archive, this is not a surprise. With Reink Media (our parent company) continuing to grow and expand, my time has become increasingly limited over the past year. Regardless, for Q1 2013 I am setting a goal of one educational article per month.

Question #3

Very humbling, over half of those readers who took the survey have recommended StockTradingToGo to a friend or family. This is fantastic.

Even more interesting were the answers to our follow up question, “If “No”, what can we do to improve our Market Recaps in your opinion?” Nearly 75% of readers responded noting the fact that their friends or family (or both) are not very interested in stocks, and thus the opportunity has never presented itself.

Other Comments, Concluding Thoughts

Every 30 second survey concludes with an open feedback box. Mostly we find very kind comments from fans; thank you for the support! We also receive numerous ideas and honest criticism. We appreciate that too!

Every comment is read and archived for future use. With dozens of ideas submitted, it is great to have fresh input.

As we get ready to move into 2013, I have to be honest, I am pretty excited. While the market’s future is up for grabs, I believe StockTradingToGo is going to have its best year yet.

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