Learn Stock Charts with this 156 Page Interactive Guide


Technical analysis allows investors to identify trends, support, resistance, and different chart patterns to make better informed trading decisions.

While there are a lot of great investment books out there that cover stock charts, they all lack one key ingredient, interaction. Reading text and looking at images gets old after a while and can be noneffective.

To change this, I cofounded InvestingTeacher.com last year which provides completely interactive content. I am talking drawing trendlines on charts, drag an drop, built for tablets such as the iPad, interactive questions, and more.

We initially launched the site with courses and lessons, however after compiling feedback from users, we’ve combined all our content (156 pages worth) and created a first of its kind, 100% completely interactive eBook, appropriately titled The Interactive Guide to Technical Analysis.

The guide consists of 28 chapters, teaching everything there is to know about stock charts. From the basics of what a stock chart is to identifying Cup & Handle formations to trading engulfments, there is a lot of depth.

I am extremely excited to have wrapped up the 1st Edition and can’t wait for you all to read it.

Read the 1st Chapter Now at InvestingTeacher.com

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