STTG v1.6 Coming – This is a Big One!

July 2015 UPDATE: Trade Journal is now 100% free to use!

10/02/14 UPDATE: Version 2.0 has now launched with new lower pricing.

Since the launch last month, the StockTradingToGo Trade Tools suite has had a rigorous development cycle. We’ve been consistently pushing out new releases atleast once per week, and the next one incoming, v1.6, will be our biggest yet.

As of this post, just over 500 users have created accounts. From this, we’ve seen over 8,000 buys and sells entered, of which 7,500 are equities and the remaining 500+ are options.

In total, just over $40,000,000 in trades have been logged and saved to the cloud, and the feedback keeps rolling on in.

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v1.6 Updates

Everything we build is driven by our users, ie primarily you STTG’rs. Your ideas, feedback, criticism, and praise has driven us to where we are today and will continue to drive us forward.

This is exactly why v1.6 is big. Let’s take a look at some of the cool updates rolling out next week Tuesday:

Trade Score

Each trade will display a score out of 5, rating each trade for your thoroughness in post trade analysis. Did you log your notes? Did you set a price target when you took the trade? Did you have a Stop? The list goes on. I am a huge believer that if you build healthy and disciplined habits, you will succeed long term. Trade Score will help you do that.

Position Calculator

Requested by numerous users, the new position calculator will help you determine the right position size based on your portfolio size or risk. Pop quiz: I have a $45,000 portfolio, I want to buy IPCT which is blowing up today off FDA news at $259 a share. My Stop is $247.50. I only want to risk .5% of my portfolio equity, how many shares should I buy? Here’s a clue, if you are used to trading 100 shares per trade and decide to trade the same size here by habit, you are in big trouble.

Create Custom Option Spreads

Option traders rejoice, you can now create custom option spreads for open as well as closed positions. 2, 3, and 4 legged spreads are all supported. This also includes equities. Yes, that’s right, you can now track covered calls as a single trade. The majority of online brokers don’t even support that. We do.

Custom Trade Import

While we already support 13 online brokers for trade import, we wanted to create a custom import option for those whose broker is not yet supported. Simply follow the custom import instructions to create a custom CSV and import any stock or options trades into your account. This includes those of you still using an excel based spreadsheet, you too can now migrate over and enjoy the benefits of being in the cloud!

Help Tips for all Tools

What I love about STTG is that we an extremely diversified user base. New traders, seasoned veterans, you name it, we have them. While those with prior trading experience can quickly pick up on tools and settings, newer investors cannot. Thanks to your feedback (keep it coming!) we now include “What is this?” popover help boxes throughout the Tools. Click a question mark to see a definition and supplemental education. Now that is winning.

New Simplified Pricing

We’ve learned a lot over the past month. One of the more recent “a ha” moments was when we looked at our pricing structure.

I still have people asking about which features are included and which are not. Is this feature free or paid? The questions go on. All in all, the current structure is confusing because features vary from account to account.

To change that, we decided that every user should have access to every feature no matter what the account type.

Just like Dropbox, MailChimp, and other great services, starting next Tuesday you will simply pay for how many completed trades you store in your STTG account.

And when we say completed trades, we mean including all the buys and sells within the trade. Let’s say you purchase 100 shares of DIS, then add 50 more shares the next day, and the next, and the next, and then 100 more six months later. Then, you sell off the position over four sells until finally you are 100% out. This ONE trade, not 9.

Here is the new pricing structure. All features, tools, etc are included regardless:

Plan | Storage | Monthly $ | Yearly $

Investigator | Log up to 250 complete trades | $9.99 p/m | $99 /year (2 months free)
Analyst | Log up to 1000 complete trades | $14.99 p/m | $149 /year (2 months free)
Quant | Log up to 2000 complete trades | $19.99 p/m | $199 /year (2 months free)
2000+? Contact us

NOTE: A complete trade includes ALL the buys and sells that made it up. Individual Buys and Sells are NOT complete trades.

v1.6 is Due out Next Tuesday, January 14th

Mark the calender. You can always create an account now too if you’d like.

Our goal is to improve trading through healthy habits. Logging, storing, and analyzing trades should be painless, not a pain.

I know the positive effects conducting post trade analysis has had on my own trading. It’s time you see them too.

The sky is the limit one what we can build as a Community. STTG’rs are the best and brightest investors around, and I look forward to continuing to work with each of you and hearing your future success stories.

Stay frosty (sharp) out there!

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