Hooked on TradingView Stock Charts

Quick plug before the weekend kicks off. If you haven’t checked out TradingView charting yet, definitely recommend giving it a look.

Like all charting providers, there is a learning curve to become acquainted with the tools and functionality. TradingView charts are all browser based, HTML 5. Translation = latest and greatest web standards.

TSLA 022114

My favorite feature is the scaling and flexibility of the charts. You use your mouse scroller to quickly zoom in and out, something not many providers do because it can cause lagging. On TradingView though, smooth as silk.

The TradingView team set me up with a PRO account back December to give the product a try. You readers know I don’t plug something unless it is good. And, after using the service for over two months now, I’ve finally accepted the fact that I am hooked. I use it every day I am watching the market.

You can’t connect TradingView to your broker and use it for trading yet, but the charting does center itself around community notes, analysis, and trading ideas. I disable these on my charts to block out the noise, but they are interesting nonetheless.

I’ve embedded a chart below so you can play with one and give it a whirl. Head over the TradingView site for the full experience. Lastly, see my Top 5 Best Free Stock Chart Websites post for my full recommendations list.

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