Market Analysis Subscriptions Review

In my never ending quest to find the best investor tools and services, a fellow STTG’r (thanks Max!) recently brought to my attention.

I’ve always been aware of Briefing because the service is integrating into numerous online stock broker news feeds. What I didn’t realize was that the service is far more in depth than what the brokers offered.

The Service is all about live market analysis, plain and simple. Their goal is to provide the most important and impactful pieces of news you need to know each day. The service has been around for over 20 years and includes a team of over 30 financial analysts providing 24/7 market coverage.

Originally when I was setup with access to conduct this review, I was overwhelmed by the vast depth of analysis. I had Mark Strelzin, Director of Institutional Sales, give me a walk through of the client area, and the site quickly came together thereafter (I highly recommend doing the same if you are considering the service or are a new client).

Real-Time Analysis

The backbone of the service is the Dual in Play window which displays two live analysis streams, both of which are completely customizable.

Each column is independent of the other and streams real-time stories. You filter each stream by either a custom portfolio / watch list you create or by a variety of topics such as Earnings, IPOs, News, Options, Technical Analysis, Top Events, and more.

Briefing dual in play

For my setup, I made a custom portfolio of just the Biotech sector to monitor on the left column, and on the right column I filtered to just see the Trading Calls, ie stock picks, provided by Briefing trading staff (Trading Calls available only with the Trader service, more info below).

The yellow highlighted rows denote a Trader service story. Hover over any story to quickly read the full notes, or click the “P” park button to save it for later.

I quickly found myself leaving the Dual In Play window open on one of my six monitors throughout the day, keeping an eye on the market action that mattered most to me.

To see a story stream for a specific stock, you click the ticker symbol or search the ticker in the upper right corner. For example, Intuitive Surgical (ISRG) had a new product, the da Vinci Xi Surgical System, receive FDA approval. I saw the news in the pre hours in my Briefing Live in Play stream, pulled up the ticker in my trading platform, watched it closely then traded the stock long, grabbing some shares at $478 after the stock pulled back in the morning.

The rest of the day, I simply monitored the ticker for any other news. If it weren’t for Briefing, I could have missed the story completely or caught it later on in the day through another service, thus missing my buy opportunity.

Briefing ISRG quote


Research and Analysis

Real-time analysis aside, Briefing also offers idea generation research based on fundamental and technical analysis. For example, the Emerging Growth Stocks screen, “Combines fundamental analysis and quantitative screens to uncover small, fast-growing companies that have the potential to become market leaders.”

Each screen not only provides in depth analysis on individual names, breaking down the stories and fundamentals of each company, but also includes rankings as well. Full archives allow you quick access to past research you might have missed.

Briefing emerging growth archives

One of my favorite screens quickly became The Next Big Thing which provides “Analysis of upcoming IPOs and spin-offs, as well as secondary plays on highly-anticipated new issues.”

Each stock featured here includes deep analysis into the company, providing you everything you need to know to prepare for IPO day. Here is the overview info for Grubhub (GRUB), which is getting ready for its debut on April 4th.

Briefing next big thing GRUB

Along with this, several thousand words of research accompanied by a Financials & Valuation chart alongside a IPO Grading Category summary chart.

All in all, for those who are not active traders, these screens serve as a great resource for potential long term picks. Each screen can also be subscribed to by email, so anytime there is an update, you are automatically notified.

Other Features

Alongside the variety of live analysis tools and screens, Briefing also includes research via its perspective columns. Subscribers can read commentary based on the broader market, individual stocks, or the economy. There are 14 in total with most being updated once per week.

If this isn’t enough to keep you busy, Briefing also includes up to date calenders of everything you need to know, from earnings to upgrades/downgrades, splits, economic events, and more.

Briefing economic calender

Subscriptions offers three subscription services: Briefing In Play, Briefing In Play Plus, and Briefing Trader.

The pricing is as of follows:

  • Briefing In Play: $50 per month or $480 per year
  • Briefing In Play Plus: $75 per month or $720 per year
  • Briefing Trader: $300 per month or $3300 per year

The comparison chart below does a good job of explaining the differences (click to view the full comparison chart). The key reason why there is such a jump in price between In Play Plus and Trader is Trader includes all the live stock picks from the staff traders.

Subscriptions comparison

Final Thoughts

Having used now for close to a month, I can see why the service has been around over 20 years and holds such a strong reputation.

The quality, depth, and variety of information is excellent. The real-time analysis is an invaluable asset for any active trader, and the screens alongside research columns offer longer term investors quality idea generation.

There is a lot of bang for the buck, and I certainly recommend the service. That said, to justify the Briefing Trader subscription, you really need to be a in tune with the markets and trading professionally. I wouldn’t recommend it for the casual investor, and instead would recommend the Briefing In Play Plus subscription.

To sign up for a free trial, use this link. If you’d like a walk through of the site like I had, email me and I will have one set one up for you.

Review Disclosure: provided me a Briefing Trader account so I could conduct this Review. I was not compensated in any way, and as of the time of publishing, I am not being compensated for any new subscriptions I refer. As always, these are my honest thoughts and opinion.


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