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Steven Hatzakis

Global Director of Online Broker Research

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Steven Hatzakis has led research at Reink Media Group since 2016 and brings over 20 years of experience with the online brokerage industry.

Steven is passionate about heping consumers and has spoken and moderated for numerous forex and finance industry panels across the globe. Prior to joining Reink Media, Steven was an editor at Finance Magnates.

Steven has served as a registered commodity futures representative for domestic and internationally regulated brokerages and holds a Series III license in the US as a Commodity Trading Advisor (CTA).

In addition to his expertise on forex, Steven is an avid cryptocurrency researcher, advisor, investor, and trader. Steven first wrote about Bitcoin market inefficiencies in 2013 and continues to contribute to open-source technology, consumer education, and self-regulatory initiatives.

During his free time, Steven enjoys reading and engineering applications related to math and cryptography, traveling, spearfishing, exercise and staying active.

Meet Steven Hatzakis of Reink Media Group and StockTrader.com.

Steven in the media:

Steven Hatzakis Moderating the 2018 London Summit

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