How to Interpret a Stock Split

When a company’s existing shares are automatically divided into multiple shares it is known as a stock split.  Splits are typically bullish in nature and are commonly used to both identify the health of a company and lower the overall stock price.

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Understanding Ticker Symbols


A stock symbol, also known as a ticker symbol, is a string of letters that identify every publicly traded company. Investors use ticker symbols all day every day to identify stocks quickly, with each symbol being completely unique from the other.

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Stock Lingo, All or None!


When placing an order to buy shares of stock investors have sub-options such as “fill or kill” and in this case “all or none”. These expressions are actually types or orders and have specific meaning to how the order is filled / completed.

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Professional Stock Lingo, Block Orders


When trading large amounts of stock the lingo changes from simply, “I bought 15 shares of Apple today Bob.” Institutions such as mutual funds and hedge funds are typically trading so many shares at once that they tend to stick to whole amount standards, one of which is called a “block” of shares.

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