Stock Forum

The stock forum you are looking for is no longer available. Due to massive spam attacks throughout 2009, the forum was closed in January of 2010. Then, in August 2011 the decision was made to shut down the forum completely due to outdated vbulletin forum software causing monthly server crashes.

Stock Education with Q&A

If you were referred to this page from Google or another search engine looking for an answer to a stock question, a definition, or a breakdown of an investment topic, please head over to the stock education page. There you will find over 100 great articles covering everything from basic fundamentals to online brokers, technical analysis, ETFs, and even options trading.

Stock Forums I recommend

While the StockTradingToGo stock forum is no longer here, there are a few other good forums I do recommend:

Screenshots of the Stock Forum

Here are some screenshots from the forum just before it was completely closed.

My Departing Note to our Forum Members – January 1st, 2010

“Unfortunately after a rough 2009 and a lot of deliberation we have decided to close the StockTradingToGo forums as of January 1st, 2010.

In the end we just could not stop the spammers and attacks from overwhelming the forum. The last straw was a crazy assault of literally over 1000 spam posts in less than 24 hours. With over 100 new registrations per day of mostly spam bots it become too much time to moderate the forum and we wanted to put more time and energy into new projects. Thus, the forum was closed to new registrations.

I want to personally thank though all of our fantastic members who have been a part of the community since it was launched in 2007. It was a great run with many friendships made and hundreds of thousands of pageviews served. Thank you for our moderators and premium members taking the time to help moderate the forums. Without you we could not have lasted as long as we did.”

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