TD Ameritrade Website Crash, Servers Down

This is just ridiculous, I can’t even trade right now in my TD Ameritrade account because client access has been cut off. This is huge TD Ameritrade website failure that needs to be fixed, ASAP.

The problem seemed to begin for TD Ameritrade servers around 10:00 AM and has continued now to the point at 10:51 AM EST not even my account homepage will load, TD Ameritrade servers have crashed.

Here are some screenshots of the TD Ameritrade website failure and outage,

tda1.jpgTD Ameritrade Website Crash 1

First Picture is of my account trying to get into my trade status to see if my trade went through. This page was sitting stagnant for 15 minutes before I tried to refresh, same thing though.

tda2.jpgTD Ameritrade Website Crash 2

The Second picture above is of me trying to open into the TD Ameritrade Account login page in a new window just to see if it was just a glitch, same problem.

tda3.jpgTD Ameritrade Website Crash 3

Lastly this third one was just taken at 10:50 AM EST, the TD Ameritrade website is down and this website crash has yet to be resolved.

I have been a TD Ameritrade user for some six years now and I have never seen this type of server crash before. I got it quite often with Scottrade servers being slow but this is just ridiculous. I hope TD Ameritrade realized its Six million plus clients can’t trade right now on one of the biggest market days since 2002.

This TD Ameritrade Website Crash is sickening to see, horrible preparation on their part. I want some answers.

2008, 11:21 AM Update : TD Ameritrade Client Login failures are still occurring. Site still down for clients.

2008, 11:59 AM Update: Site back up and running, clients can now login and trade.

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