Brand New Site Design Launched Today

Welcome to the all new StockTradingToGo (STTG).

new logo

Over the past month I have been working with Emily from Emily White Designs to give STTG a face lift.

There were three primary goals:

  1. Make the site 100% responsive. Finally, no matter what device you are using to access the site (phone, tablet, PC, etc), you will have a smooth experience.
  2. Speed things up. WordPress coupled with Genesis is still the primary engine behind the site. However, the site design has been cleaned up significantly by using the latest web standards. Less images, more CSS. Everything is hosted via Amazon EC2 in the cloud and is cache’d to the max. Translation? The site is fast. Real fast.
  3. Establish a fresh foundation for future growth. Daily market recaps and stock education articles are no longer the only offerings we provide here at STTG. Trade Tools and product reviews are two of the newer areas that are quickly becoming a core part of the brand.

Also thanks to the new site, we can finally have email subscribers read our free daily market recaps on the site. For the longest time, we put the full recaps in the emails themselves to ensure a smooth experience.

Now though, speed and device no longer hold us back. By having you email subscribers visit the site to read our recaps, you are supporting us with pageviews which we then can sell to advertisers. Hard to imagine, but for the last x years it has been a net cost (we are losing money) for each email we send out. All in all, your daily visit to STTG will help to ensure our free recaps stay free.

Overall, I can’t thank Emily White and her dev partner Greg Young enough for the hard work they put in to make this new site possible.

Please browse the site and email me (or leave a comment below) if you see any bugs. Thanks!

What do you think?

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