54th Festival of Stocks

Welcome to the 54th Festival of Stocks hosted right here at Stock Trading To Go. This week was a big week for the festival with 30 submissions, so they are broken down into four separate categories to make reading through them easier.

The toughest part for me was finding the favorites. If I wasn’t hosting, my best of the best entry would be 60 Stock Tips For Investment Success, so check it out. Enjoy the festival :twisted:.

Editor’s Choice

Matthew Paulson presents Be on the Lookout: A New and Improved Pump and Dump Trading Scam posted at Getting Green. Excerpt – “Instead of promoting stock for a real company, many scam-artists are now pumping stocks for companies that don’t exist. All a company has to do is fill out a public registration statement so that they can issue stock to people on the open market.”

WBL presents Are Recessions A Good Thing? posted at Adventures in Money Making. Excerpt – “With over 50 lenders going out of business this year, there have been a lot of layoffs, however the Federal Reserve has largely ignored these numbers.”

Shadox presents To Time or Not to Time… posted at Money and Such. Excerpt – “A recent study suggests that market timing not only lowers your investment returns, it lowers them into negative territory.”

Silicon Valley Blogger presents Invest In The Stock Market Using These Investing Styles posted at The Digerati Life. Excerpt – “There are many schools of thought when it comes to investing, but the main rules still stand out…”

Stock Picks

Super Saver presents My Core Long Term Stock Holdings posted at My Wealth Builder. Excerpt – “the value of $1000 invested in Dell, in 1988, and in MSFT, in 1986, would have been worth $246,700 and $386,250 respectively in May, 2007.”

Babak presents US Dollar Cracks Long Term Support, But … posted at Trader’s Narrative. Excerpt – “…right now everyone expects the dollar to crash as the Fed lowers rates. But things seldom occur the way everyone believes they should. Popular ‘logic’ has a tendency to be ignored by the market.”

AJ presents Dividend Analysis – Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce (TSE:CM) posted at Dividends Matter, saying, “A look at CIBC. However, I feel there are better Canadian bank plays.”

The Dividend Guy presents Stock Analysis: Canadian Dividend Stock IGM Financial posted at The Dividend Guy Blog. Excerpt – “IGM Financial has been a steady dividend grower with consistent EPS growth and a solid revenue uptrend. Based on these factors, and the current price…”

Average Joe presents Stock Analysis – Dril-Quip Inc (NYSE:DRQ) posted at Investment Jungle, saying, “This may not be a Rule #1 stock, but the growth rates are amazing.”

Tate Dwinnell presents IPO Watchlist – SelfInvestors Top 20 posted at Trading Stocks – Self Investors. Excerpt – ” It’s the IPO Tracker and it’s a dynamic, sortable watchlist of only the best IPO’s that have come to market over the past year.”

Robert Freedland presents LKQ Corporation (LKQX) posted at Stock Picks Bob’s Advice, saying, “LKQ is a rebuilt auto parts firm. This is a possible recession play with auto owners seeking to extend the lives of their cars rather than buying a new car. Great earnings and reasonable valuation.”

James Cullen presents 35% Later, Is Syntax-Brillian (BRLC) a No-Brainer? posted at College Analysts. Excerpt – “…the stock fell 35% to $4.01. This price swing in market value makes it worth going back to see if the market is rationally pricing this stock…”


Jimmy Atkinson presents 25 Most Influential Investing Blogs (By the Numbers) posted at Ask the Advisor. Excerpt – “which investing blogs have the biggest reach?”

FMF presents Jim Cramer Doesn’t Know Stocks posted at Free Money Finance, saying, “An ‘expert’ whose stock performance is weak.”

Ian Welsh presents Pork: Wha’ss On The Barbeque In Congress Is Your Future posted at The Agonist, saying, “Companies that give money to political campaigns have better-performing stocks, according to a new study, than companies that don’t contribute. So let’s take a closer look at the intersection of capitalism and political corruption, American-style”

Mikael Heroux presents The Buy and Hold Strategy: it’s Like Raising Your Son Part 1 and Part 2 posted at MoneyNing and The Financial Blogger. Excerpt – “As we are facing a very unstable market, I thought I would write about the oldest (and probably most reliable!) method of investing: the buy and hold strategy. I noticed that raising a child has very similar points with this investing strategy.”

Brian Plexico presents Review of Phil Town’s Rule #1 Paperback posted at Rule #1 Numbers, saying, “The new chapter from Phil Town’s Rule #1 Investing paperback is reviewed.”

StockRake presents The Most Telegraphed Big Money Signal Ever? posted at Stock Rake. Excerpt – “Since the Fed has already cut the discount rate. We have 1 half of this signal in the bag. It is highly likely that the Fed will cut one of the three items this Tuesday.”

George presents Berkshire Hathaway Tops Barron’s Most Respected Companies posted at Fat Pitch Financials, saying, “A look at Barron’s list of the world’s most respected companies.”

Allen Taylor presents Personal Investing Advice » Basic Money Management For Your Trading Portfolio posted at Investing World Today, saying, “A key part of becoming a successful trader is the knowledge of money management. Without a proper understanding of Money Management is and is not, you can have the best trading systems and still blow your account out of the water.”

Leon Gettler presents CFO pessimism grows posted at Sox First, saying, “The market is in turmoil and CFOs are increasingly gloomy about the US economy’s prospect as warning continue that the US will slip into recession.”

Personal Finance

Thomas Humes presents How To Be A Master In Money Making – Be The Leader Of The Pack posted at Wealth Building World, saying, “Money mastery does not only mean wealth generation but also total financial success including the way you invest, save and utilize your present income.”

Jason Elder presents Effects of Bankruptcy posted at A Bankruptcy Lawyer’s Blog, saying, “Once you have been declared bankrupt, under the bankruptcy law all assets that belonged to you, including your home come under the control of a Trustee.”

Aaron Wakling presents Using the Damaged Credit Card Market to Rebuild Your Credit Score posted at The Credit & Credit Card Blog, saying, “If you have experienced credit damage but are now on the road to restoring your credit score one of the quickest ways to assure positive current information making its way on to your credit reports is to establish new credit. Sounds kind of crazy, doesnt it? But obtaining new credit cards is a way to build a new foundation in your credit history.”

Tim Ramsey presents Reduce My Debt – 5 Secrets for Success posted at My Debt Relief Blog, saying, “Here are 5 easy-to-implement secrets for succeeding in getting out of debt and getting back your peace of mind.”

Eric Stanley presents Making Your Mortgage Payments On Time? Doesn’t Mean Your Safe From Foreclosure posted at Personal Finance Blog Articles, saying, “How many foreclosures may have been averted had borrowers been aware their mortgage was sold to another servicing company or their payments were not applied accurately.”

Eric Hudin presents My Estate Planning Career Blog -Top 10 Reasons You Need A Trust posted at My Estate Planning Career Blog, saying, “I’m going to describe in a few simple words why you will benefit from a trust.”

Next Week, Apple Edition

Next week My Wealth Builder will be hosting the 55th Edition of the Festival of Stocks next Monday, September 4th with a focus on Apple (AAPL). Submit your blog article to the next edition of festival of stocks using this submission form, and make sure the entries are Apple related would ya?

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