New Yahoo Finance Iphone App Launches, Yes!

Today while refreshing the Yahoo Finance homepage as we normally do throughout the day, every day, religiously we couldn’t help but notice the banner ad for the new Yahoo finance iphone app. What is that you say? Yahoo Finance… for my iphone? holy hell batman, YES.

Now anyone with an iphone might be thinking, “Didn’t my iphone already come with a Yahoo finance app?” The answer is sort of. The default Stocks app that comes with the iphone is the Yahoo Stocks app. And while it is useful and nice it isn’t  the Yahoo finance homepage which is exactly what the new app is.

Upon loading the app you are immediately shown a market summary of the major indices along with all the featured headlines that are currently live on the actual homepage. From there you can navigate to get real-time quotes, research, or even better yet watch the latest tech ticker videos.

The slick charts available on the regular Yahoo Finance site make their debut in the application and overall everything is beyond A+ magnificent. Other cool features include after hours quotes, comparison graphing, and even currency quotes.

Images are below, enjoy!

yahoo finance iphoneYahoo finance iphone quotesyahoo finance tech ticker

Install: Download the app for free via itunes

Update: We found out that Yahoo Finance quietly released the app last week Thursday just before Labor Day weekend. Starting today the app is being actively promoted via Yahoo Finance.

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