Dan Zanger 2014 Seminar coming March 22nd, 2014

World record holder Dan Zanger recently announced his next once a year seminar. It will be held on Saturday, March 22nd at the Hyatt Regency Miami with a meet and greet taking place the night before.

I have already been to Dan’s seminar once and look forward to attending again. You can read my full review of Dan’s seminar (review starts half way down) here on the site.

Dan Zanger holds the World Record for the largest portfolio return in a single year (29,233%). His claim to fame is turning roughly an $11,000 portfolio into $45 million over two years during the 90s dot com bubble. His nightly newsletter service is one of my favorites.


The seminar costs $1,795 per person and seating is limited (I believe they cap it at 100). If you have Seminar specific questions, send them my way and I can connect you with the coordinator. You can also view the seminar info page on Dan’s website.

Q: Do you have to already be subscribers of Dan’s newsletter to go?
A: No, anyone can attend.

Q: Does being a Zanger subscriber already make a difference?
A: Being already familiar with Dan’s trading style does help, however it is not critical to maximizing the educational value.

Q: Is it worth the money?
A: Thanks to my relationship with Dan and his team, I am invited each year at no cost less my travel expenses. With that said, my Dad is paying the full price and going this year as I’ve talked it up so much (read my full review). There are simply only so many opportunities to learn from proven traders, especially ones that use straightforward strategies that are not overly complex.

If you are going to the seminar this year, let me know! STTG represented well at the Mark Minervini workship this past summer and I’d love to meet you.

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