STTG Q2 2014 Survey Results, Full Post Emails

Thank you to everyone who took the time to fill our quarterly reader survey. We had 263 total responses.

Overall you readers rate our free market recaps at 8.8 / 10, the same strong score we received last quarter.


As for the open responses, first off thank you to all the great comments and kind words, we truly appreciate your support!

Before noting our regular quick points, this survey naturally included comments requesting we bring back full posts to email. Thank you for your honesty. The truth of the matter is that our recaps are free and as a result not profitable. We spend over $20,000 a year, not to mention hundreds of hours of research and time, to produce what you read each evening for a cost of $0. We put our best foot forward to deliver quality research consistently each week night.

Your visit to our website each day is a pageview that we can sell to advertisers. This revenue does not come close to offsetting the total cost of production, but it helps. Like you, I also read the recaps each night. I would love to bring them back to the emails, and maybe one day we will if we ever switch to a full fledged stock picks newsletter service that we charge for. Until then, we greatly appreciate all your continued support, reads, comments, and friend referrals for the free STTG nightly recaps.

That said, with nearly 100 comments & ideas, the best way for me to respond is to hit on several quick points:

  • We do not provide stocks picks. The newsletter is free, has been free for around a decade if you trace its roots back to the TraderMike days, and honestly we don’t care to have the pressure of being professional stock pickers at this time. This could change down the road, but if you are interested in stock picks, I recommend checking out Dan Zanger’s service or
  • We keep it simple for a reason. Dozens of technical indicators and oscillators look cool on charts, but ultimately provide little value (back test and you’ll find they are unprofitable long term). We really appreciate your recommendations for different technical improvements. For us, our market recaps garner thousands of reads each day because of our commitment to simplicity. It’s our bread and butter.
  • We focus primarily on the big picture. This means the major indices alongside sectors and commodities coverage via ETFs when pertinent (see a list of inverse ETFs alongside long ETFs). We also include the McClellan Oscillator to show short term traders some love (I agree, we could include this more often), and include any story stocks to wrap up. Currencies (forex), futures, and other international coverage is avoided as it steps too far away from our focus. That said, we will sprinkle in International ETFs from time to time when pertinent.

Our goal is to remain objective, present quality information to you, and let you decide thereafter what to do with it.

Again thank you for taking the survey and being a part of the STTG Community.


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