Product Reviews and Promotion receives over 100 offers each year to promote investment products/services. Since most emails get deleted without further consideration, I created this page to help you as a potential partner have the best chance at being reviewed and ultimately recommended on StockTradingToGO.

Advantages of Being Promoted

  1. has a very loyal following and have had strong success with media. Between the two sites there are over 18,000 RSS subscribers which continues to grow.
  2. When I promote products I believe in, I do it very well. My landing pages consistently perform well in search engines, and my readers listen to my recommendations.
  3. Several of the recommended products/services I promote surpass $20,000+ in sales referrals each year.

How the Review Process Works

With full access to your site, I utilize your product/service in conjunction with my own investment research and trading for 2 – 4 weeks or longer. If I like the service and find it useful for myself or for my readers, I will at that time contact you regarding promotion of the product (I prefer affiliate arrangements). If I decide not to promote your product, I will thank you for your time and most often offer some feedback for consideration.

It is important to note though that if you do not have an affiliate program, I may still promote your product. My #1 goal is helping my readers by finding and sharing the absolute best investment products/services available, not making you or I money. Generating income is only a side result of doing what I love.

Once I have completed the review and possibly begin promoting your product/service, I am officially a fan. Thus, I would be most grateful that my access to your product continue with no charge. This allows me to stay fresh with your product/service and simply grow my love for your offering. In the end, this only means a more active and in depth promotion.

7 Steps to a Successful First Email

  1. I am a human being and I really enjoy meeting new people. Please treat me like one and do not pitch me with lengthy sales copy on your product/service. Over half of the emails I receive are instantly deleted with no reply because of this step being skipped alone.
  2. Introduce yourself and your company/site. If you are a rep, give me a very brief overview of who you are and who you work for. If you are the product/service owner, then introduce yourself and feel free to share some some background info about your trading style, how long you have been trading, etc. The more personable, the better (I also am a fan of Linkedin so feel free to connect with me there).
  3. Give me the elevator pitch (ie several sentences max) about your product/service and link me to the appropriate page on your site so I can review further myself.
  4. Note somewhere in the email that you are ready to set me up with full access to test your product/service whenever I am ready.
  5. Do not link me to a free trial, or a signup page that requires a credit card. This will be cause for instant deletion. Instead, create the account for me and simply let me know the login credentials or link me to the correct page to get setup.
  6. I only like to test 1 – 3 products at a given time. If I ask you to follow up with me in 1-2 months (or longer), I am interested but cannot dedicate the time to give your product/service a full quality review.
  7. I do not review forex or futures products. Only equities and options at this time.

I really appreciate you taking the time to read this page prior to contacting me regarding your product/service. Furthermore, I look forward to the opportunity to meet you and review what you have to offer. Here is a link back to my contact page on TraderMike and StockTradingToGo. Either one works, thanks!

This page was published by Blain Reinkensmeyer and was last updated on 2014-09-23.

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