Dan Zanger Review 2015 – Testimonials, Records, Returns

Dan Zanger holds the World Record for boasting a 29,233% return in his own portfolio in single year.

Through his site chartpattern.com Dan runs a newsletter featuring his latest stock picks and analysis that has made some readers over a million dollars.

Dan Zanger Records

Dan Zanger photoDan Zanger has spent close to 20 years and 10,000+ hours studying every type of chart pattern formation imaginable. He combines chart patterns with fast growing companies that boast great earnings and revenue growth. These stocks then go on to yield big returns of sometimes a few hundred percent or more.

Dan holds two world records for the largest portfolio returns in both a 12-month and 18-month time period. He did this during the late 90s and turned roughly $11,000 into $18 million in about two years time.

Dan Zanger Newsletter

Being a subscriber myself, how it works is four times a week in the evenings Dan posts a summary of the overall market and his latest stock picks. Using stock charts he points out exact buy and sell points, and basically calls out the trades as they come.

Some examples of Zanger’s stock pick successes over the past few years:

Dan Zanger stock pick1. Baidu (BIDU) – BIDU was recommended at just over $100 a share. The stock ran up several hundred percent before splitting 1 for 10 and now trades at around $80 or $800 with pre-split pricing, a return of 500+%

2. First Solar (FSLR) – FSLR was recommended at $31.14. The stock ran up over $110 a share before being marked as a sell, a return of 250+%

3. SanDisk (SNDK) – SNDK was recommended at $22.00 a share (chart on left). The stock ran up to over $80 before being marked as a sell as it broke down, a return of some 400%

The newsletter is extremely easy to read, and he even has a chatroom setup where you can talk to him live. Honestly, you will be amazed at what Dan can actually do for your portfolio, the guy is a machine.

Customer Testimonials

This is where it gets pretty wild, Dan Zanger has helped numerous people find success investing in stocks. Check these testimonials out:

“Dan, Today is my biggest one-day gain – almost 6 figures gain. Thanks for your wisdom. When some people in the chat room today felt the market might sell off after the Fed announcement, but you said judging by the way BIDU was breaking out today, you did not feel the market would sell off. I had a lot of calls of GS, BSC, MA & some stocks such as BIDU, etc. What you said stopped me from selling any before the Fed announcement. What you said came from your many years of experience. Can’t find it in any books or from “financial experts”. You are the best. By the way, I’ve been to your seminar 3 times & been a subscriber for many years, Still learning. Tony”

“Hi Dan, I attended your seminar in May. Since your seminar, I made over $200,000 on your long trades from May through July. Because of the correction, I haven’t traded during August, until August 15th, and shorted RIMM and ICE, after your calls, and made $35,000, for two days, during the market steep decline. Thank you for your newsletter, seminar, and your messages in the chatroom. Thank you for being a great trader and not just another guru, whose salesmanship is better than his trading. I have been a successful trader, that has traded for a living for many years, and you have made me a lot better trader. Thank you very much. David Frank”

And this my personal favorite,

“Hello Dan, Just wanted to let you know about one of the stories your responsible for…. My parents are celebrating their 47th Wedding Anniversary today and I had the great pleasure of letting them know that I had surpassed $1,000,000.00 in profits year to date.…. I have been reading your newsletter and benefiting from your intra-day information for over a year now…. Priceless, amazing, unbelievable,… I could go on and on…. Just wanted to say thanks for all the dreams you have allowed me to turn into reality… All my thanks, Jeffrey S.”

Why I Promote Dan Zanger

The reason I promote Dan Zanger’s newsletter service here on StockTradingToGo is simply based on the fact that I love his service. It is truly immeasurable just how much I have learned from reading the newsletter.

Educationally and Financially his service has benefited me substantially. The biggest single day return I have ever had was $24,000, and I know with time and Dan’s service I will be able to beat it.

Dan has proven himself and earned his title as the world record holder for the largest return of a single portfolio in one year. How many people do you know that have done over 29,000% return in one year? None, and that is because Dan stands alone as the best of the best. Dan took a portfolio of a measly $10,775 and turned it into an incredible $18 million in just 18 months. He shares his work because he loves his work, simple as that.

Trade With The Best, Join Dan Zanger

Head over to chartpattern.com now and just watch the intro video to see a quick few examples of how Dan does what he does best. The service pays for itself hands down, and who knows, that next testimonial boasting a million dollars in profits may be yours.

UPDATE! I have attended Dan’s Seminar and included a full review below.

Dan Zanger Seminar Review

Back in January I shared that I was going to be attending Dan Zanger’s 2012 Seminar in Los Angeles California. I was offered a ticket as a thank you for being one of Dan’s top affiliates the last few years; all I can say is that it’s easy recommending services you love and use yourself every day.

Now that I am back in town, I want to share a full review of the seminar and my personal thoughts as I know multiple people have already asked me how it went.

In a nutshell, Dan Zanger’s seminar was awesome and the knowledge gained is simply priceless.

What made the seminar so unique was Dan himself. I realized after that it doesn’t matter how many different books I’ve read or how many charts from Dan’s nightly market newsletter I’ve saved and studied over the years, nothing compared to getting a full day walk through from Dan live in person.

Why? Because Dan put’s everything into perspective.

Dan is a proven, extremely successful investor who has accumulated vast wealth doing what he loves. His experience and passion resonated through everything he said to us who were in attendance.

Whether it was talking about the market as a whole or the many specific patterns and chart examples from the past, the little tips and tricks of the trade alone easily covered the price of admission.

Seminar Overview

The seminar revolves around a 174 page spiral book we all received upon arriving. Dubbed the “Game Book”, the beginning summarizes the key pieces of Dan’s strategy and some basic educational material while the rest is all stock charts, both current and historical examples, that Dan uses to teach from.

Dan kicked off the seminar by going through all of his tools of the trade. From his eSignal quote stream to his AIQ charts, TD Ameritrade iphone app, and MarketSmith. He explained why he uses them and more importantly how he uses them to be successful.

From there he went into an overview of what he looks for in making his stock selections, discussing basics bar setups, the market, and patterns. This also included the companies themselves, why earnings matter, why the brand matters, and how to distinguish the big winners from the rest.

A quick side note, Dan is a CANSLIM investor at heart and part of the initial overview was more or less a recap for myself personally as I already understood the CANSLIM philosophy. However, the quick refresher was nice and his personal wisdom was really helpful to focus in on what works for him specifically. He calls William O’neils best seller, How to Make Money in Stocks, the “traders bible.” I couldn’t agree more.

After a nice sit down lunch (seriously though it was delicious, and I would have taken a picture had I not inhaled my plate as soon as it got to the table!), Dan then went straight into the charts, explaining scenario after scenario.

When it came to the charts, every so often Dan would discuss some of the actual trades he had made which was excellent. Hearing about wins, losses, big wins, and big losses, mistakes, lessons, etc. really was huge.

Then with multiple hours of chart flipping complete, Dan went into an open Q & A and then wrapped up the seminar. All in all, the seminar started around 9:30 AM and wrapped up close to 6 PM.

Who Should Attend Dan’s Yearly Seminar

To really maximize the seminar, having prior market experience and being a Dan Zanger subscriber is important. I am by no means a full time trader, and the aspiration to be one day was a driver to attend. However, I understand the market and have been a hobby investor for close to 10 years so I could better take in and translate what Dan was saying throughout the day.

New investors will surely learn a lot, but they will not be able to fully appreciate all the personalized tips and tricks that Dan shares from his career of trading. Also Dan spends next to no time explaining the basics. It is expected you know the fundamentals of the game.

Lastly, being a CANSLIM investor or atleast having a fundamental understanding of CANSLIM trading is useful. Sure channels, consolidations, bull flags, breakouts, and other technical patterns could apply with any strategy, a good benefit comes from applying the lessons taught to momentum trading, CANSLIM style.

Seminar Closing Thoughts

How often do you really have the chance to learn live from the world recorder holder of the largest portfolio returns in a single year? This is someone who has made tens of millions investing in the market and knows what it takes to be successful.

In the case of Dan Zanger, he only does one seminar each year, and while it comes at a cost of $1695 + travel, the investment is worth it. What Dan teaches can be applied over a lifetime of investing and could easily pay for itself in your next trade. (This guide was written by , Trader at Reink Media Group, LLC and was last updated on 2015-06-25.)

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